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3 Interesting Facts about Singaporean Shopping Habits


1.Do you know that Singaporean men take care of their looks as much as women? According to a research study by BlackBox Research in 2013, Singaporean men are just AS LIKELY as women to spend more than $100 a week on self-grooming. This provides a bigger pool of potential online consumers for e-commerce companies to tap into. 2.Singaporeans are Southeast Asia’s top online shoppers According to the Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study 2014 was conducted in July 2014 by BlackBox Research, 26% of Singaporeans shop at least once a week ...

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Posted on 13/01/2016

Which The Face Shop facial masks should you use for your skin type?


Normal/Oily Skin All the types of facial masks are suitable for you. However, people with normal skin types should concentrate on maintaining their youthful glow and reducing uneven complexion. Air in urban environments contains pollutants and impurities that are harmful to your skin. The hot weather in Asian countries also causes our skin to produce a lot of oil. Facial masks can help you counter the negative effects on your skin. Here are our recommendations: Green Tea - purifying and antioxidant properties, suitable for damaged skin ...

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Posted on 06/01/2016

Flash Sales VS Daigou


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Posted on 29/12/2015

How To Save $100 Per Month When You Shop Online


How To Save $100 Per Month When Shopping Online

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Posted on 12/12/2015