Review of HERA Cell Essence

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Review of HERA Cell Essence


HERA is a popular high-end cosmetics brand from South Korea, and it often compared to Sulwhasoo, also found by Amore Pacific. Different from Sulwhasoo embossed the traditional eastern concept that balance between nature and humans, the brand soul of HERA inspired by Western philosophy, confident and sophisticated look is the best wished for the customers. Through various products, HERA expresses its value and brings beauty from Korea to the world.


HERA Cell Essence

HERA Cell Essence is one of the most hot selling product that as first step of skincare route. It is specially designed for a bright and dewy complexion by prevent skin from desertification. So that the major benefit of the cell essence is delivers moisture into skin deeply. Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 is the key to reach clean, clear, and dewy skin that contains eight skin cell activating ingredients. They are strength of natural power of skin to enhance the healthy looks.


The cell essence may comes in different kind of packages, most of them contains the cell essence itself and some soft cotton pads. These double-effect facial cotton pad has two sides for different purposes. One side is wave-patterned for apply essence and spread it over the face, the other side is mesh-patterned for remove dead skin cells and dirt. The Cell Essence itself in a nice frosted glass small bottle, most of package is 150ml inside for 30 days, but if you buy a Cell Bio Trial Kit II, there is a 15ml Cell Essence inside and a fewer cotton pads.


On the side of bottle, HERA marked a line for how much you should use per time. But it just a recommendation. If you follow the line it should last for one month only. some people would change the amount used each time depends on their actual skin condition, it may last two months or more.


Texture of the essence is watery and the color is milky. It absorbed very quickly if you apply on face and pat gently, and after application, it leaved skin hydrated and flawless. It is a functional products because of the kinds of ingredients which you can read from the side of bottle, Ion, Amino Acid, Peptide, Sugar and Lipid. Those ingredients for codes of Balancing, Moisturizing, Revitalizing, Energy and Barrier, and efficacy of Moisturizing, Skin Evenness, Skin Brightness, Transparency and Firming. HERA clams that visible difference within 4 weeks which means one bottle is enough for you to try. It may not appear all the benefits written down on the bottle, but definitely would improve your skin condition. 


HERA Cushion is the other popular item, you can click and take a look. 


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