Laneige BB Cushions - One of the Best cushions from Korea

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Laneige BB Cushions - One of the Best cushions from Korea

When you mention the word “cushion” to non-makeup users, the image that come to their mind is most probably the literal meaning referring to sofa cushion. But for makeup users, especially ladies who love Korean makeup, the word “cushion” means something very different.

Cushion foundation pact is the hottest thing among Korean base makeup for three main reasons:
They are SUPER travel friendly
Convenient for on-the-go touch ups
No brushes needed, no messy fingers


Laneige, often referred to as the first to kick-off the trend of cushion foundation, is one of the leading brand under AmorePacific. The cushion foundation by Laneige comes in 2 types: Whitening and Pore Control version. Both comes in shade #11 (Pink beige), #13 (Light beige) and #21 (Natural beige). With high SPF of 50, you can protect your face from harmful UV rays without applying separate sunblock!

Why I say Laneige BB cushions are one of the best is because they are superior to others in many areas such as:
Staying power - Laneige BB cushion has a long staying power of about 8 hours
High Coverage - You only need a thin layer to cover your blemishes and Pore control version does very well in pore coverage
Semi Matte & Oil control - Unlike other korean brands that give very dewy look, Laneige is suitable for Singapore weather that gives semi matte finish and good oil control.
You can get Laneige BB cushion at close to 30% of retail price at, fot both Whitening and Pore Control.

Some tips for using cushion foundations:
Use a patting motion instead of a swiping motion when you use cushion foundation for better application of product.
Spray the puff with some facial mist before usage can reduce the absorption of products by the puff and make it last longer.
One full press into the cushion is enough for the whole face. Always use a little at a time and apply layer by layer for full coverage effect.

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